Knitting! A wee hat and sweater

Another couple of projects complete! A work friend's wife is due on Valentine's Day, and I made a wee hat and sweater set. Unfortunately, in the throes of finishing excitement, I gave them to my friend before I took a picture. Hopefully he will pass along a pic or two of the baby in them so I can update the blog. They are both on Ravelry. Hat and Sweater

Things completed already!

Today was my last day of holiday vacation. I spent most of it in the studio, yay!! I finished four yarn samples and two charity bags.

Happy New Year 2017! And a challenge...

Another New Year post!

This year is The Year of the Studio (and avoidance of the national news). A friend and I have challenged each other to be productive using our craft supply stash. Conveniently, as the current President of Columbia River Sewing (Portland Chapter of American Sewing Guild, my challenge to our members is "Shop Your Stash", so pretty much anything I make (except dinner) counts!

I can't wait to get started!

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2014!